Build an Aerator for Your Lawn

Build an aerator for your lawn

Pull your aerator to another location.

Flip it over and prepare your lawn.

When starting a new lawn, reseeding, or simply keeping your lawn healthy, aerating is an important process.  The root system will make or break your beautiful lawn.  If the soil is too hard, water will run off, roots will not spread, worms cannot live, seeds cannot sprout and so on.  By using an aerator you can punch holes in the soil without disrupting the root system.  After aerating, seeds can be planted.  Fertilizer and water will be able to do their jobs. There are many different kinds of aerators on the market.  The pictures above show the style aerator that I have built and now offer in the form of do-it-yourself plans.  I sell my aerator plans for $16.95 and they can be ordered at the bottom of the page .  A little welding experience and basic welding equipment - and you can be pulling your own self-built aerator!   The framework that you see (without the drum) can easily be converted to other useful attachments.  For example;  build a trailer bed that will tilt at the bearing or a wagon.  Maybe build an adjustable plow, rake, "thatcherizer" and so on. These ideas are not included in the plans; however, if you can build the aerator, you can design and build the rest.  Try some of your own ideas.  All of the parts in this unit are common except the large pipe.  Check out welding shops and scrap metal yards to see if you can find a pipe like this before you purchase the plans.  This is a ten inch pipe.  If you have access to sheet metal rolling equipment then you won't have to worry about "finding" the pipe. As noted on the plans, it is wise to fill the drum with sand as opposed to water especially in freeze prone areas.  As far as the wheels, I use the wheels off of my hand truck.  I don't use my hand truck very often so it's not a hassle and because I know that is where the wheels belong, it reminds me to remove them from the aerator when I'm not using it to avoid exposure to the weather.  This also discourages "borrowers" because I act like I have no wheels.  This makes the transport of the unit too awkward.  


Aerator.  It is constructed of steel and requires access to welding equipment as well as welding experience.  The drum is the hardest part to obtain.  Welding shops and junkyards sometimes have large pipes like the one in this picture.  If you have access to at least 12 gauge rolling equipment, you are in good shape.  This design has a removable drum leaving a frame that other attachments can be used with.  The prints are designed for an aerator (as pictured) but other ideas are discussed.   

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